Samskara & Yagna
Texas, USA
Texas, USA

ISKCON Houston Grand Opening 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

Name Giving Ceremony, 2021

New Jersey, USA
New Jersey, USA

North New Jersey ISKCON Temple Ground Breaking Ceremony (Bhumi Pujan)

Texas, USA
Texas, USA

ISKCON Houston Grand Opening 2014


Gaura Bhagavan Dasa received training in the art of conducting both samskaras (life event) and yagna (fire sacrement) ceremonies while living in Mayapura, India.


He has experience conducting these ceremonies in various parts of the world including, USA, India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Australia, Bangladesh and Greece, and has also taught these Vedic ceremonies to others.  

Gaura is now pleased to be offering these services in his native country, Iceland.  If you are interested in having Gaura conduct a ceremony for any occasion, please contact us at +354-857-8585

We offer various Vedic Samskara (life event) and Yagna (fire sacrament) services, including: 

  • Griha Pravesha & Vastu Homa

Housewarming & Purifying the home

  • Simantonnayana

Baby shower

  • Nama-karanam

Name giving ceremony for a baby

  • Annaprasana

First grain eating ceremony

  • Mundana/Cuda-karanam

First hair cutting ceremony

  • Vivaha Samskara

Wedding Ceremony

  • Krishna Ashtotara Nama Havan

1008 Names of Krishna

  • Vishnu Ashtotara Nama Havan

1008 Names of Vishnu

  • Homa

Fire Sacrament