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We currently hold weekly programs in a residential apartment which can accommodate 15 people maximum.

We are working towards building up a facility that can accommodate a Temple and Sanctuary, as well as a vegetarian café that serves sanctified/spiritual food.  

ISKCON of Iceland’s mission is to provide a community space where people can congregate for the purpose of practicing various aspects of Bhakti-Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion to the Supreme, including:

1. Discuss the teachings of timeless Vedic texts such as Bhagavad-Gita (song of God), and Srimad-Bhagavatam. 

2. Chant and sing the holy names of God and devotional songs.

3. Learn and recite sacred Sanskrit mantras and meditate.

4. Spiritual Vegetarianism:  Taking a vegetarian diet to the next level by preparing meals as an offering to God/Krishna, which results in the food being spiritualized/sanctified and karma free.

Please consider contributing towards this pioneering effort

ISKCON Iceland Bank Accounts

Name on Account:   450193-2679 - ISKCON, Krishnasamfélag


Currency    Account numbers    Kennital            IBAN

ISK                 0301-26-007936           450193-2679       IS740301260079364501932679     

USD               0301-38-180422           450193-2679        IS860301381804224501932679

GBP               0301-38-280202           450193-2679       IS950301382802024501932679

EUR               0301-38-718938            450193-2679       IS760301387189384501932679


Supporters & Donors

Sarvabhauma Das & Guru Bhakta Devi Dasi

S. & H. Patel & Family

Prestha Das & Vishaka Priya V. Devi Dasi

Gintas Ram. 

Puspa B. (in momory of Kishor B.)

Bhakta Henrik

Jaya Baladeva Dasa

Jitesh P.

Ananda T. Dasa & Radha S. Devi Dasi

Max & Ana S.

Janak & Jyotsna T.

Babulal & Sarla P.

Pyari Mohan Dasa & Jiva Devi Dasi

Dai. R. & Zil. B.

Darius K.

Vishal P.

Tirthapada Madhava Das

Ganpati Govinda Das

Katherine T.

Chaitnaya Bhagavan Das

Prakash & Usha P.

Sudevi Priya Devi Dasi

Gintaré M.

 Nanda Gopal Dasa

Winston L.

Laura S.

Manish and Gunjan B.

Dayana M.

Tulasi S. D.d.

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